Utah Employee Benefit Study


Participate in the 2015 Utah Employee Benefit Study to receive a free customized analysis to compare your employee benefit offerings to other local employers. Hundreds of local employers of all types responded to last year’s study, including many of the state’s largest and most prominent employers. The Study allows you to benchmark programs like paid leave, alternate work schedules, retirement benefits, health benefits, impacts of health reform, ancillary benefits, tuition reimbursement programs, wellness plans, and allows you to compare plans of those of companies of similar size, geographic location and industry. Five Lucky Participates will win a Fitbit Flex.


HR and Benefits Compliance Solutions

  • Jul 11, 2013

    Small employers that sponsor health plans normally purchase insurance contracts in which all financial risk for covered benefits are borne by an insurance company, with the minor exception of deductibles, copayments and coinsurance as defined by the plans. When employers …